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Conference News

Mark your calendars! The 42nd National Nutrient Databank Conference will be held virtually from May 16-18, 2022. See the Conference Page for details.

Shutting down the International Nutrient Databank Directory (INDD)


The INDD has long been supported by the NNDC.    Since our programmer left in 2019, we have not been able to update the database nor modify any of its features.   As we have not seen much activity on the site, and in consideration of the cost of revising the INDD, the Steering Committee of the NNDC decided at its November 18, 2020 meeting to discontinue support of the INDD.

Since the INDD was originally created in a separate site, for those who have bookmarked that original url, please note it will no longer be updated nor maintained.  Due to issues noted above, that link could not be removed immediately. 

Please note there are currently many resources on the internet available to nutrient database users.   The FAO/INFOODS maintains a list of international food composition databases and tables on its website.  They have also provided the following list of software tools.  As well, you may use your favorite internet search program to locate other databases by using the terms nutrition analysis software or food composition databases.  When selecting databases, Dr. Lisa Harnack of the University of Minnesota has shared some tips in the following short document that could assist you: "Considerations in Selecting a Food and Nutrient Database".  Please cite the resource and author if it were to be used in your work.

Thank you for your interest in the INDD and we hope it has met your needs in the past and that the new information provided here will meet your future needs.

Keep up to date with future developments as the conference approaches. Follow us on Twitter, sign up for our Listserv, and periodically check back on this page for any news and updates.

NNDC Awards

NNDC Recognition Award

At each conference, the National Nutrient Databank Conference recognizes individuals who have contributed to the field of food composition or to the NNDC organization.  A call for nominations for the NNDC Recognition Award is sent out prior to the biannual meeting.  Nominees are reviewed by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Steering Committee.  The Awardee receives a plaque and makes a presentation at the conference. 


Awardees of the National Nutrient Databank Conference Recognition Award

(Prior to 2018, this award was known as the Lifetime Achievement Award)

Student and New Investigator Awards

Students and new investigators (<5 years post degree) are eligible for an award for an oral presentation. The NNDC Executive Committee will select up to six students/new investigators for awards. One award with monetary value will be given and runners-up will each receive a smaller award with monetary value. Eligible applicants have filled in relevant information when submitting their abstracts for presentation at the Conference and have obtained a letter of support from their advisor/mentor.

The awards will be based on the scientific merit of the abstract, oral presentation and the letter of support for the presenter.

Student Poster Award

The NNDC Executive Committee will recognize up to 3 students (undergraduate or graduate levels) with exemplary posters. Awardees (poster first authors) will receive $150 USD, certificate, and recognition on the NNDC website. Eligible applicants have filled in relevant information when submitting their abstracts for presentation at the Conference and have obtained a letter of support from their advisor/mentor.

Winners of the 41st National Nutrient Databank Conference

Announced in November 2020

Student Poster Awardees

•       Kristine K. Dennis. Emory University, Nutrition and Health Sciences Program
Concentrations of phytochelatins, plant-derived metal-binding compounds, in commonly consumed fruits and vegetables.  

•       Yue Jiang. University of Minnesota, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Association between acculturation and diet, physical activity and indicators of chronic disease among U.S. Asians.

•       Meghan C. Zimmer. University of Tennessee  (since September 2020, at  the US National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute)

Examining racial/ethnic disparities in dietary intake of U.S. children participating in WIC using NHANES data


Student & New Investigator Awardees

1st Place:
Elizabeth Chin, USDA-ARS
Nutrient Estimation from 24-hour Food Recalls using Machine Learning and Database Mapping: a Case Study with Lactose

Lauren O'Connor, NIH National Cancer Institute
Creating Total Red Meat and Total Poultry Intake Variables Based on the Food Patterns Equivalents Database using NHANES data

Doreen Larvie, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Estimating Phytate Intake from the US Diet using NHANES data

Kristy Soraya Coelho, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Design of a decision support system for planning patient´s personalized menus

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you again for sharing your findings with us at the 41st National Nutrient Databank Conference.


In Memoriam

The National Nutrient Databank Conference remembers and recognizes the contributions of the following volunteers, all of whom gave generously of their time, talents, and energy to the conference.

Phyllis Stumbo (1934-2017)
University of Iowa

Marilyn Buzzard (1934-2015)
Nutrition Coordinating Center at the University of Minnesota
and Virginia Commonwealth University

Joanne Holden (1946-2014)
Research Leader, USDA Nutrient Data Lab

Frank Hepburn (1922-2003)
Leader, USDA Nutrient Data Research Group

Margaret Carrington Moore (1896-1995)
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA

Ruth Matthews (1927-2000)
Chief, USDA Nutrient Data Research Branch

Robert Rizek (1931-1997)
Director of Consumer and Food Economics
Research Division, USDA