The Conference

The National Nutrient Databank Conference hosts bi-annual conferences.

The next one will be held in 2022.  Find out more about past conferences on this page.

Future Conference

42nd National Nutrient Databank Conference
125 Years of Food Composition:
Where We've Been and How We're Evolving Globally

May 16-18, 2022 (virtual)


The 42nd National Nutrient Databank Conference (NNDC) will be held virtually and will provide an enhanced user experience through an interactive software which will allow users to interact in one-on-one conversations as well as listen to sessions from oral and poster presenters. This will be through a web-based, real-time communication platform where attendees will have the ability to customize their own avatar, navigate around the virtual space and interact with colleagues just like in real life. Users can easily move around the space by simply using arrows on a keyboard to locate colleagues you maybe have not seen in a while and start conversations and chats just as you would at a real-world conference or other gathering. This does not require any downloading of software since it is web-based – you only need a computer and access to a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Registration for the 42nd NNDC is now closed

Regular $195

Students $95

Final Program

Call for Abstracts

Submission of abstracts for poster or oral presentations related to food composition and dietary supplement data and databases closed on January 15, 2022. The Program Commitee is  reviewing the abstracts and will notify submitters in late February/early March 2022.


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The 43rd Conference will be held in Ottawa, Canada in 2024



The National Nutrient Databank Conference is a not-for-profit organization.  Please consider making a donation to the NNDC through our PayPal Account 


Past Conferences

The NNDC has a long a history of bringing together researchers, doctors, health professionals, nutritionists, and others to discuss a variety of important topics related to food composition databases. Over the years, program conferences have grown and evolved.

The following links are carefully indexed. It aims to showcase the achievements of the NNDC and the evolution of meetings that has been organized starting with the 1st one held in 1976.

We encourage you to visit the links and peruse the Conference materials. See how the field of food composition has advanced through the years and the work that the NNDC has done to foster knowledge and share them with the NNDC community!   For ease of reference, conferences 1-20 (1976 - 1995) are sorted separately from conferences 21-41 (1996 - 2020).