The National Nutrient Databank Conference is held bi-annually to foster communication among nutrient database generators and users.  Participation is open to researchers from academia, the food industry, government, and other interested parties. We invite you to learn more.


NNDC History

Since 1976, the National Nutrient Databank Conference (NNDC) Steering Committee has organized formal meetings for food composition experts, researchers, and software developers/users to keep abreast of changes and developments in food composition databases (FCDs). FCDs are cornerstones to nutrition research, food and nutrition monitoring and surveillance, clinical nutrition practice, and food development. As such, they are important to the academia, federal government, healthcare professionals, food industry, database managers, and the public.

In particular, applications of FCDs reach the nutrition and food community, assisting dietitians in counseling, clinicians in conducting research, and food companies in product development, labeling, and consumer relations.    


Throughout the years, NNDC has gained increasing acknowledgment and participation, and it has been held as a satellite meeting to both the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Society for Nutrition in the United States. Going forward, NNDC aims to enhance participation from international counterparts specializing in FCDs to further shape the future of this unique field and, ultimately, to help maintain and improve nutrition health for all.

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Committee Members

The Executive and Steering Committees of the NNDC are volunteer positions held by a diverse team of industry veterans, researchers, scientists, and leaders.

Executive Committee

Pamela Pehrrson

United States Department of Agriculture 

Nancy Emenaker

National Cancer Institute/NIH

Thea Zimmerman


Lisa Harnack

Nutrition Coordinating Center, University of Minnesota

Julie Eichenberger-Gilmore
Grants Manager

Veterans Affairs

Steering Committee

Judith Spungen
Food & Drug Administration

Laura Sampson
Nominating Committee Chair

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Laura Sampson
International Nutrient Databank Directory Chair

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Winnie Cheung
Communications Chair

Health Canada

Dana Hoffman-Pennesi
Food & Drug Administration

Catherine Champagne

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Alanna Moshfegh

United States Department of Agriculture

Alison Kretser

International Life Sciences Institute, North America

Bernadette Marriott

Emeritus, Medical University of South Carolina

Brian Westrich

McWest Corp.

Isabelle Massarelli

Health Canada

Diane Mitchell

Penn State University

Pamela Pehrsson

United States Department of Agriculture

Mary L'Abbé

University of Toronto

David Haytowitz

United States Department of Agriculture (Retired)

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