18th National Nutrient Databank Conference Proceedings

May 23-26, 1993

Baton Rouge, Louisiana




New Users Workshop

Panel: Moving Into the Next Century

Ethnic Diversity and Nutrient Databases

Committee Reports

Current Issues in Analytical Methodologies

Collecting Brand Names in National Surveys

Recipes: Methods, Problems, and Issues
I. Recipe Calculation Methods

II. Problems and Issues Associated with Recipes

Nutrition at Either End of the Life Cycle


Food Analysis 101: How to Get Good Data (summary)
Joanne M. Holden, Nutrient Composition Laboratory, USDA

Database Quality and Variability

Carbohydrates: Beyond Proximate Analysis

Nutrition Monitoring in the States: Experiences, Benefits, and Outcomes

USDA Survey Nutrient Data Base System: Workshop on File Formats

International & Ethnic Foods Databases

Use of Nutrient Databases for Nutrition Labeling


"Current Status, Continuing Challenges"
Carol T. Windham, PhD,
Utah State University


Conference Committees


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