17th National Nutrient Databank Conference

Celebrating the First 100 Years of Food Composition Data 1982 - 1992

June 7-10, 1992
Baltimore, Maryland



New Users Introduction To Nutrient Databases


The Ten-Year Comprehensive Plan for Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research: What is it and What Does it Mean for Food Composition?

Centennial Symposium:  The First 100 Years of Food Composition Data

Current Issues and Concerns on the Uses of Food Composition Data

Updates on Methods and Values I

Imputing! Assigning Default/Predictor Nutrients

Contributed Papers

Updates on Methods and Values II

Imputing/Assigning DefaultlPredictor Nutrients II

Nutrition Labeling Issues: Government Activities

Technical Issues in Calculating Calories

Nutrient Data for Ethnic Foods

Food Grouping System

Poster Abstracts

Conference Committees


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